Easy to setup, Hernyo CMS uses a flat file system (No database). You just have to unzip and upload Hernyo to the server. Then just add content and start building your site.

What is Hernyo CMS?

Hernyo CMS is a very flexible CMS that can be easily used as a skeleton to build up a project from.

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  • Very Simple : No clutter and confusion, just a simple site editor and UI.
  • Mobile Friendly : Hernyo is built with the latest bootstrap to work nicely on all devices.
  • No Database : Hernyo is a Flat file CMS, which means no database is behind it.
  • Lightweight : Hernyo CMS is not larger then the size of a JPG image.
  • Easy Setup : Straight forward as 123, just upload and use it. No complicated configuration.
  • Markdown ready : Easily edit your page using Markdown .
  • Custom theming : Very easy to create new themes or modify the existing template.

Posted on: 2017-09-03 17:37:00 — Tags: Hernyo, lightweight, cms