About NanoCMS v1.0

NanoCMS is the tiniest CMS you can find around...:)
The user interface and the functionality are very very simple and easy to use.
NanoCMS is filebased, so no database is required, making it easy to install

With this CMS you can create pages without actually touching any code.
You can manage website pages very easily and the links in the sidebar are generated automatically...

If you dont like the design it is very easy to make / port / integrate new designs.

NanoCMS is programmed by Hernyo.com

About this version v1.0

This release (v1.0) is a stable release and the following bugs/problems were fixed

  • Organized and beautiful UI interface
  • Simple & clean user interface
  • Ability to change settings, password, username, from admin panel
  • Automatic Updates on admin home page
  • Best tweaker support
  • Support for search engine friendly urls
  • Proper Language Translations support
  • Organized code

Feature Highlights

Some of the features of NanoCMS are ...

  • Easy Integration
  • Easy Installation.
  • Full Templating - Easy to port / make
  • Super-simple and intuitive interface
  • Automatic sidebar linking
  • Can add other content than pages.
  • Select extensions to save ( php input enabled )
  • Filebased - no database required
  • Most suitable for sites with static content

Admin Demo Login

The login details are as follows:

  • Username: hernyo
  • Password: demo123