How to install NanoCMS

  • Simply extract the files and folders to your Hard Drive, and then upload them to the correct folder on your website host.
  • Thats it. NanoCMS is ready!!!!!.

Configuring NanoCMS

  • Give chmod 777 or 755 ( full read & write ) permissions for "data/pages" and "data/areas" folders and "data/pagesdata.txt" file.
  • These permissions are required as contents & configs are written to these files/folders.
  • Thats it. Log into your admin panel by opening the page 'data/nanoadmin.php'.
  • Default login info user=admin, pass=demo can be changed using the Admin Panel.
  • Optionally, you can also change the save file extensions and other configs by editing "data/config.php".

How to use?

  • The basic steps required to create and manage pages and links are given on the "Admin Home Page".